Friday, 8 June 2012

First blog - Peggy's cove

Hi Everyone. So my very first post, on my very first blog. I hope I can put m experiences, and I intend to put them the way I'm thinking without filtering any of it, so forgive me.

Where do I start, its all not real until you see that boarding pass in your hand. Planning for months and now you know you're leaving Saskatoon (at least to Halifax first). So many delays with that invitation letter from Ukraine, even began doubting if I'll get the visa (I still do). But I just got it yesterday and applied it right away, hoping for the best. 

Well its worth mentioning I got security scanned in one of those new scanners, yes yes I did. They could have at least asked me to check my pockets and walk through again. But clearly they wanted to see me naked first lol. Anyways its all good from there, I promise.

Let me tell you this, saying Nova Scotia is amazing is an understatement. It literally looks like scotland from the movies (Braveheart lol). First day (with just 2hours sleep prior night), we decided we should go to Peggy's Cove, a lighthouse off the coast of Nova Scotia. Super old building (Canadian standard of old, btw) next to the amazing ocean. It was cool thing to see with the sun setting in the background. 

Photographer's paradise.

Next blog will be from the Prince Edwards Island :D

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